Monday, September 14, 2009

Damn Dolls


She was up all night, reading a brand new horror novel based on the Zombie Apocolypse theory. Personally, she thought it was extremely interesting, but deep down inside she knew it was true bullshit. Don't get me wrong, she thought it was fantastic the way people could write about people getting torn, cut, shredded, skinned, their bodies being absolutely mutated while the victim is still breathing. She understood that for somone to write that, they would have to have a different view on the world, and understand it's dark side. It didn't mean they were into all that gorey crap, and wanted to do the acts that 'zombies' did. They just thought it was interesting.

So, she stayed up all night, with her sheets over her head and a flash light to read what the book had in store for her mind. You know, the typical things adolescents do when they're supposed to be in bed by 10:00 and not staying up to exactly 2:46 reading about gorey tales.

She wanted to believe it would happen. She wished it would happen. She wanted to know what it would be like to wittness this 'Zombie Apocolypse' with her own eyes, and not through somone elses impression of it. She wanted to wittness it for herself. Secretly, she wanted something this terrible to happen. She planned it out all in her head. She wanted the civilization of the world to realise the terror it could unleash. The poison everyone had coming for them. Of course though, she wouldn't be affected. She'd be king of the fucking zombies.

After she had finished chapter 12 of her book 'Bring Her The Flesh Of A Thousand Dead Bodies' she thought to herself, and funnily enough she said outloud, 'Someday, this will happen, someday everyone will feel what it's like to be ripped apart from the inside out'. Not literally, but you know. She thought she was just by herself in her room under her sheets, at 2:46am when she was supposed to be in bed at 10:00pm. But when she said this, someone, or something heard her. All of a sudden, the lights went out. Which didn't really effect her since she had a flash light. But what did weird her out, was when she heard something in the far corner of her room, near the huge life like mannequin she had. Then her heart started racing. She could feel her heartbeat in her ears, and felt like her heart was being pushed into her ribcage. The flashlight died, and she realised she did not have a life like manican in the corner of the room.


  1. I learned an interesting insight into my brother while at his wedding last month, learned during the best man's toast. Apparently, there is a place in New Jersey which my brother has picked out where he will go and hide and make his last stand, in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

    Of course, his downfall is that he told somebody about it. So, if the ZA does occur, he's toast.

  2. Good start! Well set scene, good look into the motivation of the protagonist, but I missed the crunch as I was 'taken out of the story' by the mannequin spelling mistake. More please.

  3. See? This is why you take up Iaido, and keep a razor-sharp katana handy.

  4. To prove Flinthart's point (ha!) about katana's, the following lesson in self defense comes in handy:,0,114199.story

  5. Good one Sam, now to finish the story..

  6. Very well written, Samantha. Please do write some more.

  7. Magnificent, more please.

    Always happy to welcome another too the barricades against the hordes