Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zombies Or Vampires ? ZOMBIES OF COURSE!

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So, nearly every single teenage girl is in love with Vampires at the moment, all because of the Twilight series. Which I loath. Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, what is this! I dislike vampires, they're so ordinary. All they do is suck on your blood, that's it ? Seriously. BUT zombies! They rip, tear, eat you alive while looking all awesome with torn clothes, decomposing skin and blood covering 92% of their bodies. They're more bloodier.

And it's funny, while i'm sitting here writing about this, i'm listening to good old ABC by the Jackson 5.


  1. Zombies over vampires eh? Pleased to hear it, you are restoring my faith in the younger generation.

  2. I bet vampires have better taste in music. I can't imagine zombies getting into anything other than that Norwegian death metal crap.

  3. number of reasons why teenage girls love vamps
    1, They're glamorous
    2, They're mysterious
    3, As they've been around alot they've got money
    4, Vampires are portrayed as being charismatic and cool.
    5, The damned byronesque hero meme thats is very common amongst vampire stories

    Considering how lacking in self estime many teenagers (esp girls) are all the above are very attractive.

    Zombies however are more visceral they can't reasoned with and they'll eat you and then it's all over, no conciousness except a need to feed on brainz...